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Andy Sunbeam
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I have been photographing ever since I was a child - I enjoy capturing the world around me and those moments that might otherwise be lost forever.

I photograph everywhere, from isolated mountain sides to industrial scenes and anywhere in between. Although I enjoy the discipline of creating a perfect image using my camera, sometimes it is only the starting point and I work on it further and manipulate the images to create unique, individual artworks.

In my own photography artwork, I work on several main elements to create a mystical atmosphere in an attempt to spark the viewer's imagination.

This is done by adding in light or "film grain" for aging effects. I also play with selected elements rather than entire image and finally adding atmosphere by adjusting exposure and contrast.

In my Panoramic images, which are larger images made up of several small photographs, each taken one after another which are then pieced together creating one view. This enables me to get much more detail and a slight distortion that draws the viewer in. Often working this way outdoors created interesting effects with shadows appearing in small areas of the image where the light varies.

Another way that I work is by creating "fractured images" in which I take one image, pull it apart digitally to create smaller photos which are then processed and some areas duplicated. I then re-piece the main image, resulting in a distorted view and one-off piece of artwork.​ 

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So take a look in the galleries and see what you find 

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